TR 100: How to Travel the World and Build a Business (with James Maverick)

In episode 100 (!) of the show, I welcome James Maverick of Maverick Traveler to the show. 

James' story of quitting his job was a huge inspiration in my own journey and subsequent success. It was great to have him be the guest on the 100th episode of Troublesome Radio. Time has really flew since I started this show way back in 2015.

Make sure you check out his books, courses, and website. He's on Twitter here.


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Podcast notes:


Quick background of who you are, journey from cube monkey to nomad
Struggles - did you ever have moments of doubt, from a financial or personal perspective?
What advice would you give up front to young folks wanting to travel and build online businesses?


How do you make money online?
What businesses have you dabbled in; which ones have been successful, which ones have flopped?
What's your usual routine and schedule look like?
Any tips for being productive whilst in monthly Airbnb rentals, always on the move, etc.


What is your best story or memory from all your travels about the worst?
Favorite 3 countries, and 3 favorite least (and why).
Do you think you will ever settle down, own property, and have a family?

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