TR 079: The Insane and Absurd Avocado Toast Phenomenon

In episode 79 of Troublesome Radio, I go on a solo rant about the strange phenomenon that is...

Avocado Toast.

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A recent article in Time went relatively viral. In said article, an Australian millionaire ripped on all millenials who are spending $22 per meal for a piece of bread with avocado smeared on it. I couldn't help but chuckle, as when I was out at breakfast/lunch a few weeks ago someone at my table actually did order it. Thankfully it's a bit more affordable in Eastern Europe than it is in the States.



In this show (hit 'Play' below), you're going to learn...

  • Why this millionaire is not wrong, but also not right on some things
  • What I would do AGAIN if I was graduating college and coming into a good-paying job
  • More reading about absurdly overpriced foods
  • Why having EXPERIENCES is important but it depends WHICH experiences you live
  • How to make wise financial choices to set you up for FREEDOM, and hopefully a good long-term life.

Note: I am not a financial advisor and all of this is just my humble opinion :)

Also, seriously. Don't take girls out on brunch dates and waste money on avocado toast. Especially when you've got sugar babies and the like popping up everywhere. Game them, don't let yourself be gamed. For a great podcast about that, check out episode 43.

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