TR 062: Business, Guns, and the Nuclear Family

After a brief holiday hiatus, Troublesome Radio returns with episode 62, and special guest Lloyd (Twitter) of We cover a lot of topics, including:

Intro: Lloyd's story about being put in jail, dropping 100+ pounds, and his general mission with his website.

Business: Lloyd drops information about his two OFFLINE businesses.

Guns: How do folks get started in self defense? Do you think everyone should own a gun?

Writing: You've seemed to stick with blogging better than most - how? (I chime in a lot here)

Write from experience: Referencing Ukraine Living (, and how you have to do in order to write.

Family: He's not much older than me and yet farther ahead in life from a fatherhood stage. I'm curious as to what it's been like, and Lloyd drops a ton of gold.

Two pieces of content to reference:

Things to Note Before Getting Into Guns:

How to Interview:

The podcast is made possible by Troublesome Solutions:

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