TR 013: Colombia, Travels, & More (Special Guest:

Troublesome Radio Episode 013

How To Pick Up Latinas

Special Guest: El Conquistador of

Today I welcome my friend and fellow troublemaker El Conquistador to Troublesome Radio. I had the pleasure of meeting up with EC in Barranquilla, Colombia last November when I took my first trip to South America. We had a great time, and his Spanish course and general knowledge helped me immensely.

In episode 13, you'll learn...

El Conquistador's path from his first trip abroad to location independent nomad What countries in Latin America have the best women? Teaching English abroad: salaries, perks, hours/week, etc. The Spanish essentials you need to know to land in a Latin country and get your flag in a short amount of time Why the "mass market" programs such as Rosetta Stone may not be the best way to learn Spanish for a short trip The difference of gaming in Latin America versus the western countries How to deal with safety in Latin American countries - hint: the media blows it out of proportion TONS of tips on online game, daygame, and nightgame How his product, Pickup Spanish, helped me get my Colombian flag within a day of landing And many more insights into Latina women, culture, and tips for first-time travelers El Conquistador wanted to give readers here an exclusive offer for the week.

Use coupon code 'TROUBLE' to get Pickup Spanish for $47 (usually $67). This is a killer deal for anyone looking to meet some cute Latinas while speaking their language.


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