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See you in a couple weeks!

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As of today, we've put the Selo LIVE Experience available for registration. In light of this, and the theme of this week - online business, I thought it'd be a good idea to reflect on my webinar that I did back in November.


Mentioned in the show:

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In today's episode, I tell the horror of my Christmas...

Mentioned in the show:

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TDT 020: Trouble Lives!

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled programming, coming out of Eastern Europe!

As mentioned in my email yesterday, there were much unsubscribes (though not as many as I expected, I must be losing my touch. In any case though, thank YOU for an extremely successful weekend overall. It was a pleasure to put on this first webinar, and I'm pumped to welcome all the new "Pro Niche Site" students to the family, as well.

That said, I actually don't have anything to sell you today.

Mostly, just thought I'd pop into your inbox and tell you that "The Daily Trouble" podcast has picked up, after two months off (and some of the weirdest times of my life), and hopefully will be starting up...well, daily...we'll see about that.

In this lesson, you'll learn some of the experiences I learned from this webinar, how winter in Ukraine is treating me, and of course, much more.

Here's the link:​

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Welcome to the "new" show...The Daily Trouble.

After much long and hard discussion, Kyle decided to rename this show. Simply tired of the longer format of Troublesome Radio, and want to move to a daily format that is more hispersonal strength.

So, starting now...

You will get this podcast delivered to you, every weekday.

The old episodes will stay as they are, with the old Troublesome Radio intro and the tag "TR".

All new episodes are tagged with "TDT"...


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TR 132: What’s Going On

In the latest show, I give a quick update to what's going on in the world of Trouble.

Mentioned in the show:

The Girlfriend Blueprint

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Business Emails/ECCC

Listen to "Beginning Game Myths" in prepration for part 2

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[NOTE: The Nomad & Nerdy Show will be shutting down. All episodes (and future online business-related episodes) will be posted here on Troublesome Radio.]

Kyle discusses the importance (or lack thereof) of social media when it comes to a content based business.

He also talks about conversions and click-through rates for these various social media platforms and how they make an impact on his own personal businesses.

Note that your mileage will absolutely vary depending on the niche and type of business that you’re running!

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In episode #90 of Troublesome Radio, I welcome Goldmund Unleashed to the show to talk about a variety of topics. Some of the things we touch upon include...

How to handle your first solo Game trip - we both share how to overcome the potential ruts of a long, solo trip. How to have the energy to go out every night, and most of all - how to fucking enjoy yourself!

Some excellent openers to get you started in game - also, there's a great moment where I look like a total moron. Did you know there are 5 oceans? Ha!

How to truly love the game + not get burned out. I've always told guys that if you want to see someone who truly sees Game as art, read Goldmund's stuff. He touches on the how and why behind this.

How YOU can reach the "next level" of game - we talk harems, open relationships, and more...

Plus, a lot of other great stories and information.

You can follow Goldmund on Twitter. His books in general are excellent; I'd highly recommend Art of the One Night Stand for entertainment + great game lessons.

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In episode #88 of Troublesome Radio, I sit down with Jon Anthony from Masculine Development to talk about a variety of topics. Jon has been through a lot in his life and has a lot of insights for someone his age (I am saying this as an "old guy" - hell, my birthday is coming up soon!).

This hour-long episode teaches you:

  • How to tell a "good" PUA course or bootcamp from a "shit" one. Plus, why Jon actually wants to get into this business down the road. I think he's crazy for doing it, but his reasoning behind it is solid.
  • How to get into Cryptocurrency cloud mining as an investment.
  • [If you haven't heard the ultimate crypto podcast, click here]
  • The potential bubble of the market that's going to pop...eventually.
  • How Jon balances work + life + girls: moving from maintenance to moving forward.
  • What to do about online business if you're starting - Jon recommends going the niche site route. Pro Niche Site is still on sale, and I promise I didn't ask him to endorse it ;)

Make sure to check out Jon's site and his book about the 7 steps of self development.

In any case, that wraps up episode #88. Who and what do you want to hear on future podcasts? Leave a comment below with your suggestions.

PS: As of publishing this, Pro Niche Site has gone up in price...but it's only going higher. So if you missed your chance to get in, it's not too late. Stop putting off your freedom, f*ck you money, and dreams. Click here to enroll.


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In episode #86 of Troublesome Radio, I welcome @RogueDarren back to the show---this time to talk about Bitcoin and alt-coins. We recorded #86 right after #85, so if you missed that---click here to give it a listen. 

Here are some of the various questions we tackled (in no particular order):

A huge thanks (again) to Darren for being a part of the show. It was a pleasure having him on and I hope to have him on again in another year's time! 

PS: Speaking of making $$$Pro Niche Site is launching on June 28th. For early-bird access and prices, go here.

PSS: If you're sick and tired of not getting the girls you want in life, you must master "dating technology". It's the only way to arm yourself with the tools to find success over the long term. For less than $9/month, you can have insights into all of my texts over the years with girls. When's the last time you wasted $9 on something and got nothing from it? This is worth it.

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