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In today's episode, Nate and I sit down and answer as many of your questions as we possibly could in our limited time frame. Yes, even the funny ones about Thai ladyboys and weed. In any case, there's also a few epic rants of fire in this one, so make sure you don't miss it...

I'll take this time to say that it was a pleasure having Nate on the show again, and you may possibly see some future collaboration between us on stuff (no promises), so stay tuned.

Final note, make sure to listen to the first part of the interview here.


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In today's episode, I welcome Nate Schmidt back to the show to discuss his journey from Troublesome Radio 125 and to where he is now.

We discussed...

  • Dropshipping (is it dead?)
  • How Nate plans on scaling his Dropshipping business into an 8-figure "American" brand
  • How many income streams we each have and where the money's coming from
  • Travel plans for 2019
  • And finally, the #1 thing that people starting out in online business should be doing (ignore this at your own peril)

Nate can be found at:


PS: The Q&A session will air later in the week, so make sure you...

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