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TR 133: Intermediate Game Mastery

In episode #133 of the show, Kyle welcomes back his friend from Episode #126 to continue the discussion, this time moving on to intermediate game.

We'll be continuing on with this to a third part where we'll come Advanced Game, and we've got some other cool things planned for the future as well. Stay tuned...

Show Notes:

1:57 - Kyle's friend talks about what it was like going back to Scandinavia aftter being in Belgrade

7:53 - Don't be too "karate" with game. There's no black belt or brown belt or whatever belt...

15:52 - You could be on the worst streak ever. And all it takes is that one girl who fancies you...

23:37 - Ask yourself what kind of man you want to be (the guy who serves his wife or the guy whom his wife serves).

36:20 - Kyle talks about sticking points of a date and how to solve it.

45:45 - You've gotta look yourself in the mirror and just say "What am I looking for in life?"

54:34 - It's important to know if when you are consuming too much versus just going out and doing it...

1:02:20 - What should the ratio be between meeting up with existing girls and going on new dates?

1:12:36 - You always want a girl who's upbeat and happy...

1:20:43 - She will try to change you but that's not the man who she originally wanted to be with.

1:31:15 - Kyle talks about his framework for minimizing wasted time.

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Belgrade, Serbia

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TR 132: What’s Going On

In the latest show, I give a quick update to what's going on in the world of Trouble.

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The Girlfriend Blueprint

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Business Emails/ECCC

Listen to "Beginning Game Myths" in prepration for part 2

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