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In episode #120 of Troublesome Radio, I again welcome Hunter Drew of to the show to discuss a variety of topics.

We talk about what to look for in a girl, how to raise your kids right, and most importantly -- how to get them damn kids to stop eating Tide Pods.

An outline of the show is below.

INTRO: Who are you? Quick backstory of your history in the navy, fathership, etc.

MESSAGE: It’s been a while since we did a show, and TFA has blown up quite a bit since then. How are you taking your newfound fame, and how are you continuing to pass the message on? What’s next for your brand as well as FOE?

FOR THE YOUNG GUYS: I think the whole “movement” is going towards a bit more fatherhood and working things out as opposed to endless travel and banging sluts. How do young guys prepare to do this whole family thing “the right way”?

Plus, what are your thoughts on all following items in marriage:

  • Age differences
  • Sexual variety, both with her and others
  • What do you LOOK for in a girl?

21 Con: Discuss experiences, basis of your speech, and future plans.

FOE: What is it and what’s the future hold? 

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