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In episode 67 of Troublesome Radio, I'm pleased to welcome Graham Seibert to the show. Graham is a 74 year old guy living in Ukraine married to a girl 37 years his junior. He left his entire live in America behind, and has found much more happiness abroad. Much like myself. I learned a lot from him on this show, and hope you do, too! Here's some other Ukraine content you'll probably enjoy:


  • Intro: Who are you; explain where you currently live in Kiev
  • Previous wives: Discuss your first two marriages, culture differences with Asian culture
  • Current situation: How'd you get to Ukraine and meet your wife? Is she okay with the age gap (not sure how old she is); and what did her family think? Do you have any regrets?
  • Courtship: What's the Ukrainian dating culture like? I'll be chiming in here as well. Talk about the courtship process, the language situation, and other things you've done to immerse yourself.
  • Deeper: Do you have concerns over the fact that you may not always be there for your son with her?

In my opinion, Graham is looking pretty damn fine and happy at his age:

In any case, a huge thanks to Graham for reaching out to me and coming on the show. Hopefully I will touch bases with him later in the year when I'm in Kiev.

Enjoy the show!

  • PS: If you're tired of getting screwed in the dating world in 2017, you need The Harem Handbook.

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In episode 63 of Troublesome Radio, I welcome @MikeRMedici (on Twitter) to the show. Michael is a 23-year-old hedge fund employee who has done a hell of a lot with his life thus far. We got along well and it was a pleasure to have him on TR.

INTRO: Mike discusses his plans to be a billionaire within seven years and a lot more. PISA: Physical. Intellectual. Social. Artistic. What's your development system? Also discuss balancing life and improvement across all spectrums or focusing on one. TWITTER: Mike flew by me as far as followers. We talk about your strategy for building an audience and more. FINANCE: College, BitCoin, daytrading, and more. YACHT WEEK!: A hell of a time.

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