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In episode 61 of Troublesome Radio, I welcome Seth from Masculine Books to the show.

PODCAST MADE POSSIBLE BY: Start your business NOW, NOT tomorrow.

We cover a lot of things---his college experience, the cost of college, and the degrees you should study. In addition, we dive into some of our favorite books for men and Seth's recent experience in Russia.

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Another post about why college is a waste: Seth's book reviews about dating: Russian Girls: When To Quit Your Job:


INTRO: Who are you? Introduce your site(s), how you got started in this part of the web, etc. BOOKS: Books recommend in various subjects--business, confidence, and dating. ONLINE BIZ: Follow up to TR058. What are your aspirations? What's in the pipeline, etc. COLLEGE: What are your thoughts on this? Should young men go to college, or is it complete waste of time? Likewise, as you've progressed on to a Master's degree--what do you think? Worth the investment? Also give a breakdown of costs to get a 4-year degree and now the new costs of your Masters. RUSSIA: Brief talk about this and your experiences. Cities, girls, culture, friendliness to Westerners.

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