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In episode 60 of Troublesome Radio, I welcome a long-time friend of mine who has been...well, down the rabbit hole. He offers a lot of incredible insight in the show, and talks about the good and the bad.

In this hour long show, we discussed how to be a balanced and normal human being, day trading, how to truly get shredded (hint: he is), relationships with quality girls---and most of all, it's real.

If you've been struggling to master a part of your life---or are perhaps discouraged with life---give the show a listen. It's truly incredible.

TR060 is presented by:

Show outline is as follows:

INTRO: Who are you? How did you get started in the Manosphere and self improvement space?

BALANCED HUMAN BEING: How does one avoid some of the poisons of the PUA community and become a truly well-rounded man; i.e. not derive their confidence from women. Talk in general about downsides (and positives) of the PUA and Manosphere outlooks, respectively.

BALANCING LIFE: How did you become truly happy with yourself? Was it the physique, figuring out girls, etc. Do you think men can achieve it all at once? Or is it better to tackle one area of life with vigor and then move to another later.

PHYSIQUE & INTERMITTENT FASTING TIPS: Lay it all out here, explain that you only work out 3x 30 minutes a week.

JOURNEY & MISTAKES: Daytrading stories, corporate life, and more.

RELATIONSHIPS: Too much alpha-badboyness scaring them off, and how to adjust back to "normal life".

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In episode 59 of Troublesome Radio, I welcome the man behind 199 Flags. We talked about his crazy, hedonistic travels around the world, and give the ultimate breakdown regarding Thailand vs Philippines. Want a transcript of this podcast? Go here (will be available 11/29 @ 8am EST): While I haven't been to Asia yet, it's definitely on the radar for the future. I guarantee it'll be on yours too once you hear this podcast. 199 has spent considerable time throughout the world. He lived in Hawaii, then headed off to theDominican Republic, Philippines, Thailand, Colombia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Make sure you check out the interview I did with my friends yesterday regarding Vietnamese girls: We also discuss general sex addiction, live abroad, and whether either of us will ever return to America on a full time basis (hint: one of us says yes). Enjoy Troublesome Radio 059 and make sure you hit those share buttons. It should be noted that the transcript is an auto-generator and not entirely 100% accurate. But if you'd like to just browse the notes at work, etc.---it's perfect for that. Thailand vs Philippines Outline INTRO: Past travels and experiences PHILIPPINES vs. THAILAND---Discuss following points: Girls---we cover everything. Which one is easier? Are the ladyboys in Thailand a real thing? What kind of numbers do he get as far as Tinder matches? Dates everyday? Meet Filipinas on this site. And Thai girls here. A lot of guys struggle with which one of these to choose--some basic, "at first glance" info for gentleman Discuss cities visited in both countries, and the quality of life in those specific cities Compare prices of the two countries Tourism---which one has better, cooler things to do? Food DIGITAL NOMADISM: Moving abroad and the possibilities Current work/making money online What's the future plans? Will he ever return to the US?

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In episode 58 of Troublesome Radio, I dive into the WHEN aspect of walking away from your job.

- How much money you should have coming in - Or, how much money you should have saved - What's your 2, 3, 5, TEN year plan down the road? - Where you should live, and where you shouldn't - How to make life in your office job more bearable

All that and a hell of a lot more!

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In episode 57 of Troublesome Radio, I again welcome my friend Ivan Throne--this time to discuss Trump's victory.

Make sure you pick up a copy of Ivan's latest book, The 9 Laws.

To listen to Ivan's other appearances, you can listen to TR 025 here and TR 037 here. Topics covered here in TR 057 include:

Trump's strike that was years in the making The election night victory and elation What does this mean for the Left? Are they done? Is America going to be made great again--and will men stop being such pussies? The answer: YES! Being a man is going to come back into fashion in a lot of ways Ivan talks about his new book, The 9 Laws Ivan, it's a pleasure as always.

Enjoy fellas!

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In episode 56 of Troublesome Radio, I welcome Jake from Nomadic Hustle to the show to discuss...well, a lot of cool things.

Explain travel vs lifestyle. What are the top tips you have for traveling and staying healthy? What about building routines and not losing your sense of purpose? What are your favorite countries and cities? We also elaborate on some of our Barranquilla stories from last year... Explain differences between dating in South America vs America, and between country to country The NH mission and your future plans for the site.

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In episode 55 of Troublesome Radio, I introduce my new niche site and talk about why I built it (

Make sure you check out the new book so I can release a good self-publishing guide and help you succeed online, too:

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