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In episode 54 of Troublesome Radio, I welcome my friend Chris--who I've been hanging out with in Kiev for a couple of months.

We discuss Chris' journey (virgin to 20, ended up losing it to a Turkish girl in China), to his crazy travels and stories around the world.

Chris suffered from a lot of anxiety in general and in regards to approaching girls, so in this nearly hour and a half show we delve into EVERYTHING you can do to conquer the fear.

Finally, this is the last podcast from Kiev, Ukraine. Big shout out to all of the great friends I've made in this city for the past couple of months. It was great to have some of you come on the show, and I hope to see you in another part of the world soon.

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In episode 53 of Troublesome Radio, I dive into my five favorite cities in Europe. Then I talk about my least favorite. Finally, I discuss three cities I really like from a touristic perspective (but not livable).

MY 5 FAVORITE CITIES IN EUROPE Kiev, Ukraine Budapest, Hungary Krakow, Poland Prague, Czech Republic Wroclaw, Poland

MY 5 LEAST FAVORITE CITIES IN EUROPE Paris, France Odessa, Ukraine Barcelona, Spain Venice, Italy Warsaw, Poland

3 FAVORITE CITIES IN EUROPE (TOURISM) Istanbul, Turkey Rome, Italy London, U.K.

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In episode 52 of Troublesome Radio, I discuss how to use silly photos to interact, attract, and get girls on date.

Much of text game these days is so robotic. So let's change that.

Those of you who aren't enrolled can listen to the analysis but will not have access to the photos.

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In episode 51 of Troublesome Radio, I discuss bouncing back from setbacks. Topics include:

- How bad things usually happen in 3. When it rains it pours! - How to deal with the situation--push through or step back? - How to get back into the groove of day to day life after setbacks.

Troublesome Radio is sponsored by the

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