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TR 044: Where In The World Is This Is Trouble? by Kyle Trouble

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TR 043: How to Use Technology & Sugar Dating to Get Laid (Special Guest: by Kyle Trouble

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Here is the raw audio of my interview with the Lithuanian news.

I definitely start out talking way too fast, and I'm nervous as hell. Eventually though I calm down.

As for the article she wrote...

While you’ll need to use Google Chrome to translate it, and it won’t come out perfectly, it’s a good read. The journalist who interviewed me, Ruta, was very fair and told my story.

Article is here:

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Today, I welcome Vance of to Troublesome Radio.

I actually used Vance's site as a helpful guide to planning my trip to Colombia last year, and I'm thrilled to welcome him to the show. On episode 41 of Troublesome Radio, Vance and I discuss...

Vance's story of quitting his job and his first "long" trip abroad (9 months, all over South America). His favorite cities in South America, and why. 1st or 2nd tier cities--which is better for the first time traveler? How much Spanish do you need to know? How much being a white guy in South America impacts your ability to get girls. Why getting the top tier girls is no easier than it is in the West. Finally, how to make a final escape--Vance shares some information about getting a second passport (you can read about my journey regarding that here).

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TR 040: How to Ace an Interview (Part 2/2) by Kyle Trouble

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I’ve wanted to do a series on interviews for a long time, but I’m finally just getting around to it. I hope this helps teaches you guys how to ace an interview and get the job you desire.

This is a bit of a “dry” subject, so I’ve split it into two parts. This first one covers my own history (so you know that I know what the hell I’m talking about), as well as prepping for the initial HR phone interviews. I also delve into the “second phone interview” which is usually with someone somewhat related to what you’re going to actually do at this job.

Of course, I’d really recommend everyone start up their own website and business as opposed to going this route, but I recognize that it takes time to work towards that.

In part two, I’ll be covering how to dress for the in person interview, body language tips, how to deal with tough questions, and of course–how to actually get a job offer.

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