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In episode 24 of Troublesome Radio, I talk to a reader of mine who has had great success in American business after immigrating from South Africa.

Darren and I discuss, amongst other things:

- The process of moving to the United States - His original idea for his web company, and how he has scaled it - How to deal with shitty employees and other aspects of running a business - Growing a kickass beard and how some girls are crazy for it (pic below).


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Phone sex operator Chloe Luv joined me for a little talk about her life as a phone sex operator, what her husband thinks of it, how men can get women addicted to them, and a helluva lot more.

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TR 022: 33 Truths About Blogging No One Will Tell You (Part 1/2) by Kyle Trouble

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TR 021: Lets Talk Tinder


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TR 020: Get Trouble in Hungary!

Out of order! Episodes 018 and 019 (Mark and Sonny) will be released soon!

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Have you wanted to learn how to get girls in Vegas? Well, my buddy Sonny came on Troublesome Radio to answer the question.

We talked about a lot:

The best clubs, pool parties, and hotels to stay at to get girls in Vegas. The differences between being a local versus a tourist. A step-by-step blueprint for a player just landing in Vegas, with three days to make the magic happen. Why the best place to pick up girls just might be right outside of...a male strip club (seriously). His history, upbringing, and how he is a natural good with girls (versus someone like me who had to LEARN game). REQUIRED READING: Christian McQueen's in-depth post about the subject. And a hell of a lot more. P.S.: Just a few hours left to get Trouble In Hungary on sale. Act fast.

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